Detroit is the most bedbug-infested city in the U.S.

Carolyn Kaster/ASSOCIATED PRESS No one likes bedbugs. But Detroit is dealing with them in droves. Detroit is new bug city. The heavy metal town is also the itchiest in the country, topping a new list of the worst metro areas for bedbugs. Rock City bumped Philadelphia from the top spot on the Terminix list for […]

Challenges of chest wall disorders

Dr. Andrew Kaufman, an assistant professor of thoracic surgery at Mount Sinai, is an expert in chest wall disorders. The Specialist: An assistant professor of thoracic surgery at Mount Sinai, Dr. Andrew Kaufman specializes in treating disorders of the chest wall — including pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum. He treats 50 patients a year for […]

Hangover remedies, what works and what doesn’t

iStock If you’re feeling awful from a hangover, check out this advice from experts on what works and what does not. New year, same old hangover. Can burgers and fries erase the effects of too much tequila? Or, can you just sleep off the Champagne headache? We asked the experts what hangover remedies really work […]

Fake Christmas trees could make you sick

Adam C Bartlett/Getty Images Americans buy 9.5 million fake trees each year, but some people could get sick from them. If the holidays are leaving you feeling lousy, it may not be your in-laws. It could be the fake tree. Many of these trees are made with polyvinyl chloride, the PVC used in construction pipes, […]