‘Hamilton’ lottery launches online — and nobody wins

Robert Alexander/Getty Images The ticket lottery for “Hamilton” has moved from the theater to online — and back again. The digital lottery for “Hamilton,” the Broadway blockbuster, proved too popular for its own good — and for a new biomusical and a long-running Disney hit. Sorry, Gloria Estefan. And Simba. Registration for $ 10 “Ham4Ham” […]

Rock Paper Scissors robot wins 100% of the time

Share This article The newest version of a robot from Japanese researchers can not only challenge the best human players in a game of Rock Paper Scissors, but it can beat them — 100% of the time. In reality, the robot uses a sophisticated form a cheating which both breaks the game itself (the robot didn’t […]

British Prime Minister David Cameron wins seat

JACK TAYLOR/AFP/Getty Images A poll by Gfk-NOP and Ipsos Mori, released right after polls closed at 10 p.m. British time, predicted that the Conservatives would do better than expected, winning 316 seats to the opposition Labour Party’s 239 seats. British Prime Minister David Cameron easily won a seat and his Conservative Party earned a surprising […]